January 2010

Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

August 15, 2011

Cover Story

Everyone interacts with technology in their own way. The iPhone may be simple to use, but there are many hidden "easter eggs" that let the device do more than the marketing messages convey. Not only is the iPhone loaded with "silent" features, there are also unique ways to use it that can benefit anyone-especially the busy medical professional. It's with this in mind that MDNG collected the following 20 tips and tricks to help iPhone users get the most out of their device. This collection of tips includes ideas on how to save battery life, make best use of the browser, improve the typing experience, use the home screen tools, and use the iPhone as a tool in everyday life.

Sermo Flexes its Muscles

May 27, 2010

Cover Story

Daniel Palestrant, MD, CEO and founder of Sermo, explains why Sermo cut ties with the AMA last year, reviews the current state of the largest online community for physicians, and reveals where he sees the site and healthcare social media headed in the near future.