May 2011

Educational Tools and Resources Help Patients Learn More about Pain Medication Safety

August 22, 2011

Patient Education

A recently released study showing that many patients are not aware of the type or quantity of active ingredient in their over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications has resulted in increased scrutiny on medication safety issues and the proper use of OTC pain relievers, especially NSAIDs and drugs containing acetaminophen.

Why Are We Still Talking about Opiophobia?

August 22, 2011

Feature Article

That physician and patient fears regarding the risks and dangers of opioids are overblown, particularly when it comes to addiction and dependence, has been much discussed. Yet, despite the consensus that properly selected and administered opioids are a safe and effective pain management option in both the cancer and noncancer settings, we still seem to be having the same conversations about the need for more education, training, and outreach designed to improve physicians' knowledge and awareness of effective opioid prescribing practices.