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Mission Statement: Our vision is safe, effective treatments for every child who suffers from eczema and a future where fewer children develop the condition.

Our core programs include:

Support for Eczema Caregivers: As a parent-led and parent-comprised organization, we are committed to responding to the needs of our membership, and, as noted above, this year we launched a new initiative to address this crisis in caregiver stress. New to our work this year is an initiative to support eczema caregivers – a program that grew out of our own research on caregiver burden. This is a peer-to-peer mentorship program run in collaboration with Pepperdine University. The program was developed in response to our own research showing high levels of caregiver stress and isolation: Capozza et al., Insights From Caregivers on the Impact of Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis on Families. Dermatitis, February 21, 2020


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The Eczema Breakthroughs Podcast: GPER pioneers new ways to rapidly spread high-impact, practical, and high-quality research findings to families. In 2020, we launched a podcast, called Eczema Breakthroughs, which is a professionally-produced audio series featuring conversations between GPER parents and the world’s leading eczema researchers. It is the only science-focused podcast on eczema for a consumer audience.

Patient- and Family- Centered Research: Our research and policy work focuses on identifying highest priority needs among parents and young patients with AD, and communicating those needs to support research funding, patient-responsive studies, and drug development. We are the host of the global Big Ideas for Eczema Challenge, which harnesses patient and caregiver ideas for research and in 2019, we hosted a patient focused drug development meeting in collaboration with four other US-based patient organizations and the FDA. This year we are leading an effort to align patient priorities with federal funding of eczema research. We are also leading two studies with international teams related to the impact of eczema on life decisions and quantifying patient-responsive eczema care.

Improving eczema care worldwide: GPER is leading a global effort to measure and improve care and treatments for people with eczema in 8 countries from a patient-centered perspective. It is a collaboration with 10 other patient organizations. Learn more at:

Fall Research Symposium 2022: Fall Research Symposium 2022 — Global Parents for Eczema Research

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