Internal Medicine World ReportAugust 2006
Volume 0
Issue 0

Prepared by Mark Miller, MD, Division of Infectious Diseases, Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles

A 58-year-old Mexican man presents with a fungating mass on the left malar aspect of his face (Photo), which has been growing over a 3-month period and is not painful. The lesion is raised and has a rubbery consistency. He had been an agricultural worker in northern California. Although he has not traveled outside California in the past 10 years, he has traveled in the San Joaquin Valley seeking employment. He has no pets and recounts no industrial exposure.

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What: 1-2 diagnostic photos, a brief description of the history/presenting symptoms, followed by a brief discussion of the diagnosis.

How: Send a Word file of the text and a good clinical image. If sending electronically, save all photos as a JPEG file, at 300 dpi, and send as separate attachments.


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