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Internal Medicine World ReportDecember 2006
Volume 0
Issue 0

With the wealth of medical information available online today, many of you are likely seeing patients who believe they can self-diagnose and require certain diagnostic tests or treatments based on information widely available on TV, in daily newspapers, or online. ?

To address this growing concern, IMWR is introducing the Morning Cup, a bi-monthly electronic newsletter. The goal of the Morning Cup will be to capture some of the major stories circulating in general publications in a timely manner, keeping you updated on what your patients may be reading, which often results in a visit to your office, armed with a slew of clinical questions and demands?some good, some less so, and what their sources are. ?


This new service is open to all readers of , by request only.

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The Morning Cup e-Newsletter, by IMWR.

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Happy New Year to all our readers from the staff of IMWR.

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