Adalimumab-atto: It’s Indications and Key Takeaways


In this slideshow, we summarize the newly approved indications for Amgen's new biosimilar, adalimumab-atto (Amjevita) and, we highlight key points as stated by Amgen researchers.

On Sept, 23, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved adalimumab-atto (Amjevita, Amgen, Inc.) as a biosimilar to adalimumab (Humira, AbbVie, Inc.) for multiple inflammatory diseases. (1) In this slideshow, we summarize it's approved indications and key takeaways as stated by Amgen researchers who published new trial results this summer.


(1)    U.S. FDA news release issued on Sept. 23, 2016:  “FDA approves Amjevita, a biosimilar to Humira.”

(2)    Jyoti Velayudhan, Yuh-feng Chen, et. al. "Demonstration of Functional Similarity of Proposed Biosimilar ABP 501 to Adalimumab," August 2016. BioDrugs. DOI: 10.1007/s40259-016-0185-2

(3)    Liu J, Eris T, et. al. "Assessing Analytical Similarity of Proposed Amgen Biosimilar ABP 501 to Adalimumab," July 26 2016. BioDrugs. DOI:  10.1007/s40259-016-0184-3\


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