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This article is expiring as we speak, getting older and less relevant by the second… much like your three-day-old chicken lo mein, or that green orange in the fridge. Fortunately, a new product makes food handling easierâ€"and healthier for the most lethargic of consumers.

The first-ever digital day counter, DaysAgo attaches to a variety of surfaces with a magnetic or suction backing and counts up to 99 days. It's a simple gadget that is re-usable, versatile and helps save money. You can use it on food containers to let you know how many days ago you opened it, closed it, tried it, sauced it, grew it, etc. As for leftovers, it eliminates the doubt about when to throw it out. Having launched in March 2006 by double u products, the counter has been “flying off the shelves” ever since.

The idea spawned from organic and natural food products, which often expire three to 10 days after a container is opened, yet do not list a specific date of expiration because it is dependent upon when the container was opened. DaysAgo solves the problem by tracking the days on its digital LCD screen after the user pushes the start button. It can be attached to a food container with a magnet or suction cup seal. It is easy to re-use and reset with the duration tracked up to 99 days.

Kathleen Whitehurst invented DaysAgo, when she noticed during a baby feeding that the baby food in the jar expired two to three days after opening and wondered how that was tracked. Her friend, and fellow inventor, Debbie, noted that the lifestyle of new parents these days is so overloaded that it is difficult to manage those details and oftentimes, they throw out the food because they can’t remember when it was opened. The two mom entrepreneurs realized there needed to be a solution for all food left in the refrigerator.

Additionally, DaysAgo can be used to monitor plant-waterings, track time between beauty treatments and physical regimens, record time for oil changes, pool cleanings, and just about any appointment; the device will display how many days ago virtually anything happened.

And well, if Oprah supports it, what’s not to like?

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