May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month


The editors of HCPLive have put together this collection of resources about the digestive condition.

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, the month of May is designated as Celiac Awareness Month in order to raise awareness and elevate the importance of the disease.

About Celiac Disease

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse: Celiac DiseasePatients visiting this site will benefit significantly from the in-depth explanation it provides about celiac disease. The site describes what the condition is, how it manifests in the digestive system, how symptoms vary with age, and co-morbid conditions that may occur as a result of celiac disease. Illustrations of the digestive system are provided, and the site also discusses treatment options, providing a sample chart of a gluten-free diet.

Celiac Disease FoundationThe “News and Events” tab on this site will be most beneficial to patients, as it provides frequent updates about celiac disease news, information about eateries and restaurants that offer gluten-free options, and additional resources that cover gluten-free options. The Foundation also features a “Kids Korner,” designed for the parents of children with celiac disease, that provides kid-friendly, gluten-free recipes, guidelines for handling diets in certain situations (e.g., in school or during Halloween), and a “Kid’s Books” section that provides the names of books, such as “How I Eat Without Wheat,” that are designed to help kids understand their disease and help them cope with it. Celiac DiseaseThis site, designed for teenagers and young adults, is written in simple, easy-to-read language, and begins with an overview of what gluten and celiac disease are. Other introductory information about celiac disease includes a discussion of what may cause the condition and other health problems that may co-exist with celiac disease. The site also provides teenagers with information about treating the condition and how individuals can take care of themselves, such as learning to read labels, choosing foods when eating out, and more. Celiac DiseaseWritten for the patient, this resource covers a number of questions, including how one gets celiac disease, how to control the condition, how gluten affects people with celiac disease, and what cookbooks are available for patients. The site also discusses the ways that celiac disease presents differently in children and teenagers compared to adults.

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diets

Celiac Disease: Gluten Free DietThis site provides an overview of how one gets celiac disease, how gluten works within the body, and how celiac disease problems can change with age. Patients can also utilize this site to understand how the digestive system works, the dietary restrictions for someone with celiac disease, and dietary deficiencies that may affect people with the condition. Other resources available here include a list of foods that contain gluten and a slideshow about a gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free DietThis resource focuses on how prebiotic soluble fibers may improve the health of patients with celiac disease. The relationship between celiac disease and gut bacteria, and how this balance may be altered in patients, is explained. Tips for removing gluten from one’s diet are provided, as well as points to remember. For example, the site explains that grains are used in the production of many ingredients, but these grains may not be listed on the nutrition label. In these cases, the site reminds patients that they may have to “seek out hidden gluten.” Gluten-Free DietThe “Diet Details” section of this site will be helpful to patients, as it provides extensive lists of different foods that are related to the treatment of celiac disease. The lists are divided by relevance: “Always Avoid,” “Avoid Unless Labeled Gluten Free,” and “Allowed Foods.” The site also provides the risks that arise for patients on such diets, such as not getting enough vitamins, and the results that patients will see with these diets.

Celiac Disease Bloggers

CeliacChicksWritten by two celiac disease sufferers, the women explain that their blog started because they wished there had been “more enthusiasm” when they initially began researching their disease. Their blog is light-hearted, fun, and informative, providing tips for “a hip and healthy gluten-free lifestyle.”

Gluten Free BlogThis blog features celiac disease news, recipes, and tips for eating out. The author of this blog says the mission of the posts are “to help you achieve satisfaction in your Gluten-Free diet, health, and life!”

NFCA Celiac Disease Blogs

Editors at the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness feature six blogs on their site that cover Celiac Central news and updates, information for athletes with celiac disease, gluten-free recipes, and more.

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