The Crisis in Haiti


HCPLive blogger Jill Taylor takes a look at some of the stories developing in Haiti and how healthcare providers are responding to the earthquake and subsequent aftershock.

The island was apparently rocked again this morning by a substantial aftershock, and firsthand reports were the order of the day from TV journalists who have flocked to Haiti to cover the crisis. In a noteworthy blog entry, Gary Switzer brings to attention the conflict in interest that arises when the medical work of physician reporters becomes the story. Food for thought as we watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta treat a child’s head trauma on cable news.

Coincidentally, the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis VA Medical Center has just announced that researchers have been able to identify unique biomarkers in patients suffering from PTSD using magnetoencephalography. The article is published in the current issue of the Journal of Neuro Engineering, and you can view the abstract or create an account to read the entire article for free. The research was based on a population of veterans, but it would be interesting to investigate whether or not the findings could be expanded to include children and adolescents.

I missed the announcement a couple of months ago regarding an online emergency health registry that was developed in conjunction with Amercian Ambulance Association. While it’s supposed to be a national program, I see by the website that it currently only services Oklahoma. Do any readers have experience with the service yet? I’d be interested to hear about your impressions and what you’ve learned.

If you have not been notified yet, the AAP has announced that it will use the Friends of Children Fund as a resource for aiding the devastated people of Haiti. Click here to go directly to the online donation site.

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