Diabetes Video Goes Viral

Creating a viral video is a tall task in itself. Creating a viral video to get across a serious message is almost impossible. But not for the Big Blue Test.

Creating a viral video isn't exactly something that can be done effortlessly. There's no secret recipe for success. On top of that, if an organization is trying to createa viral video for a topic or issue that is serious, it can become even harder. After all, the masses are always up for a good laugh, a sports-related video, or a mockery of a movie or tv series; if something serious requires a serious story, it's that much more complicated to get people motivated enough to share the video. In those circumstances, the video producers have to grasp the attention of the viewer and tell a compelling and inspiring story.

That's exactly what Big Blue Test, a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, has been able to accomplish with a video they created on October 31. In just a couple weeks, the video has already gotten up to over 120,000 views. Why? Well, take a look and see for yourself.

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Medha Munshi, MD, (Courtesy: Harvard Health)
David Maahs, MD, PhD
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