DocTalk Tweet Chat "Suicide Awareness" Scheduled for September 10


In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Simon Rego, PsyD, and colleagues from Montefiore will look at suicide from a public health and clinical scope.

In the past year, reports have been damning to suicide’s presence among other public health crises. The US leads all countries in firearm suicides. Rural areas have underreported rates of suicide for both women and minorities. In the past 2 decades, suicide rates have increased in all but 1 state.

Suicide has never been a greater issue in US healthcare. So let’s talk solutions.

In commemoration of National Suicide Prevention Week, an upcoming #DocTalk Tweet Chat will be hosting a discussion on suicide, as both a public health issue and clinical hurdle.

#DocTalk is a weekly conversation featured on Twitter that focuses on the biggest issues in healthcare today. Join us on Tuesday afternoon, September 10, 1 PM EST for the start of our chat, featuring Simon Rego, PsyD, Chief Psychologist at Montefiore Medical Center (@psyd).

Rego, an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and other psychological treatments, will be leading discussion on topics including the public perception of suicide, the variety of mental health patients, and the role of clinicians in suicidal prevention and awareness.

We invite all interested Twitter users to participate in the chat and contribute their own perspective and questions.

Be sure to search for “#DocTalk,” follow MD Mag on Twitter (@MDMagazine), and look for the social media icon signifying the chat:

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If you’re a frequent Twitter user with a background in healthcare and interest in leading a #DocTalk chat with your colleagues, contact us here.

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