eAbstract: The Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Subjective Well-being in Newly Admitted Patients with Schizophrenia

This study explored the relationship between depressive symptoms in newly-admitted schizophrenia patients and their well-being.

Authors: Jong-Hoon K, Jun-Hyung A, Min-Jung K

Journal: Comprehensive Psychiatry (March 2010)

Purpose: To examine “the relationship between depressive symptoms and subjective well-being in newly admitted patients with schizophrenia.”

Results: The Subjective Well-Being Under Neuroleptics Scale score was significantly negatively correlated to the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale depression factor score, suggesting that “depressive symptoms are significantly associated with a low subjective well-being in newly admitted patients with schizophrenia and that the relationship is significant even after controlling for the influence of potential confounding variables.”

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