First Diabetic Glucometer for the iPhone Now Available in Europe

September 24, 2010

Sanofi-Aventis and AgaMatrix are unveiling a device that combines an advanced glucometer with an iOS app that lets patients share data with providers.

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Seemingly ages ago, in a 2009 Steve Jobs presentation unveiling the new features of iPhone OS 3.0 (before it was renamed iOS), a J&J company named Lifescan demonstrated a device that took advantage of Apple’s newly provided connectivity to the 30 pin dock connector.

The demonstration produced ripples of interest in the medical community since it was the first glimpse of how hardware and software could work together to extend smartphones into real medical devices that follow patients wherever they go. However, in an interview with Mobihealthnews, the company admitted that it was just a demonstration unit without a clear path to commercialization at that time.

Now, Sanofi-Aventis and AgaMatrix have unveiled a commercial device that combines an advanced glucometer with an iOS app that shares glucose data with patients’ providers. As Medgadget reported, the product still requires 510(k) approval before being deployed as a medical device. At this time, it is not clear when this might occur.

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