"Going Lean"


Have you heard the buzz words, “Lean Healthcare?” Based on the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean Healthcare looks to improve processes, streamline costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

The seven principles of TPS include the elimination of:

• Waste

• Defects

• Excess motion

• Excess inventory

• Over-production

• Needless transporting

• Inappropriate processes

In healthcare, physicians know that the patient always come first. Their care should be prompt, efficient and value-added. With so many of us needing to cut costs, the patient’s satisfaction has the potential of getting lost. Lean healthcare consistently makes the patient the number one priority.

Hospitals, clinics and physician practices have been making the move to a “Lean” model as a way to increase patient satisfaction, revenue and decrease waste. It’s not an easy process and effective leadership is an important part. The top management including the physicians must “buy into” the philosophy. All personnel must be educated and encouraged to use the lean principles.

The payoff is a well run, efficient practice that strives to exceed the patient’s expectations!

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