HCPLive To Merge with 3 Specialty Sites in 2023


Beginning next year, the content, staff and experts from Practical Cardiology, Endocrinology Network and Rheumatology Network will be joining HCPLive.

In 2019, the century-old medical publication MD Magazine® was rebranded to the multimedia news site HCPLive®. The change in the brand’s name and format reflected the trends of evolving health care: physician shortages had long been a reality in the US, new care team members were emerging with more prominent roles, and the advent of breakthrough research and drug development was marrying specialties and focuses of medicine unlike any time before.

But with the change to HCPLive®, we also introduced the HCPLive Network, a construct of ourselves and sister publications that represented the greater depths and intricate details of every medical specialty: who are the stakeholders? What are their challenges? What does change look like for each? This was what the network’s brands answer, while HCPLive® served as a comprehensive medical news hub.

Today, the network grows.

HCPLive is officially merging its site with a trio of topline specialty-focused medical news sites: Practical Cardiology®, Endocrinology Network®, and Rheumatology Network®. Each of the three sites—including their content, multimedia series, and teams of expert advisors—will be hosted on HCPLive.com, representing the sites’ bolstered cardiology, endocrinology and rheumatology coverage, respectively.

Especially at a time when cardiovascular, cardiometabolic, diabetic and rheumatic disease has overwhelmed an aging US population, there is a growing need for live, comprehensive and expert-led news coverage and practice-changing resources into these fields. Each of these brands have provided this and more for specialists over the years, practicing FDA and pipeline reporting, multimedia expert interviews, and in-depth meeting coverage with a similar priority to that found on HCPLive.

News, resources and expert collaborators from each of Practical Cardiology®, Endocrinology Network® and Rheumatology Network® will begin to occupy HCPLive® in the coming weeks. We’re excited to continue toward a new standard for clinical news and insights for every caregiver with our growing network into 2023.

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