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HIV/AIDS Group to Partner with MD Magazine

The American Academy of HIV Medicine in Washington, DC. has signed on as a "strategic partner" with MD Magazine and its sister publication Contagion.

MD Magazine and its sister publication Contagion have entered into an agreement with the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) to become Strategic Alliance Partners.

The AAHIVM, a non-profit organization, is based in Washington, DC and is an advocacy and educational group serving physicians who care for patients with HIV/AIDS.

Under the terms of the agreement, the AAHIVM will provide the publications with information on best practices in this medical field, enhanced access to HIV experts, and news releases.

The organization provides credentialing services and continuing medical education to physicians, and advocates on legal and funding issues that are of importance to its members.

The academy also publishes HIV Specialist, a magazine devoted to offering physicians information on patient care, practice management, and professional development. For instance, its July 2016 issue, HIV Specialist focused on care for transgender patients with articles ranging from hormone therapy to the need to practice cultural sensitivity in the medical office.

The group also has a foundation that provides HIV education scholarships.

The AAHIVM has regional chapters throughout the US, shown on an interactive map on its site.

The Strategic Alliance Partnership announcement was made today by MD Magazine’s and Contagion’s president Michael J. Hennessey, Jr. Other partners include Northwell Health, Long Island, NY; Hahnemann Hospital, Philadelphia, PA; and UCDavis Health System, Davis, CA.