Jerome Engel from UCLA: Overcoming Misconceptions of Epilepsy Centers

Even if patients could benefit from treatment specialized epilepsy centers they may not know about the care they could receive for a variety of reasons.

The benefits patients can receive from specialized epilepsy centers are of no use to them if they are unaware that these centers exist. While epileptologists may be familiar with this advanced level of care some neurologists may be hesitant to refer their patients to these centers.

Jerome Engel Jr., MD, PhD, from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA discussed some of the misconceptions about epilepsy centers and what overcoming those challenges can mean for the future of patient care. Discussing patients with refractory epilepsy in particular Engel said in addition to pharmaceutical and surgical options there is also a psychological aspect of treatment which can help patients receive the highest level of care possible. This, he said, is in contrast to the belief of some that the centers focus their attention on surgical options.