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Is Your Job a Downer?

Dinah from Shrink Rap addresses the list of the 10 profession with the highest levels of depression.

This post originally appeared on Shrink Rap.

Katina writes to us from onlinecolleges to let us know about a post on which jobs are the top ten most depressing:

Check it out here: 10 Professions with the highest levels of depression.

What I found to be interesting is that the assumption is that the jobs causethe depression.

Click here to read the entire post.

Shrink Rap Dinah blogs at Shrink Rap, a blog by Psychiatrists for Psychiatrists. A place to talk; no one has to listen. All patient vignettes are confabulated; the psychiatrists, however, are mostly real. --Topics include psychotherapy, humor, depression, bipolar, anxiety, schizophrenia, medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, ethics, psychopharmacology, forensic and correctional psychiatry, psychology, mental health, chocolate, and emotional support ducks. Don't ask.