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iPain Featurette with Kelly Brooks on Migraines

Mrs. Kelly Brooks lives with migraines, TMJ Disease, complex regional pain syndrome, and gastroparesis. Living with chronic pain has affected her life in many ways. She used to be a baseball mom, participating, chasing balls, and being very physically active. Now she is at home most of the time and most of her communications with others is done through the computer and phone.

Her first migraine hit while she was in school and she will never forget the overwhelming experience. It was like being hit with a spotlight so bright it was not only painful but also caused her to begin vomiting. All of the bright lights and sounds are exacerbated and it felt like her teacher was screaming at her. Her mom, who also lives with migraines, took Kelly to her doctor. He knew right away that it was migraines.

One of the hardest parts for Kelly to overcome, but she has, is acceptance that her old life is gone. She has had to learn pain management tools like pacing herself. This is not an easy challenge to get through yet she pushes through and helps others through her advocacy efforts and as a parent. The hardest challenge to overcome was setting the expectation and teaching her children how to interact with her despite the pain.

To help control and manage the pain and migraines, Kelly does spinal blocks, takes seizure medication and other medications to help control the nerve pain. All of these efforts help, but it had yet to take away all of the pain. For her it is a success to lower her pain levels and manage through the pain. Taking the edge off can be very helpful to keep her going with some daily activities. Even in pain she can still have a good day where she is up, celebrating and doing everything she can.

When it comes to Kelly’s superpower she draws on the inspiration of one of her mentors, Barby Ingle. The iPain music moves awareness – Hope is True, really helps show Kelly that hope is possible, obtainable, and true. With friends and a support system you can get through anything. With Barby being a cheerleader, it has driven Kelly to be the best advocate and helped teach her how to help others. Kelly runs a support group on Facebook where other patients now come to her for that same hope, help and inspiration. She passes on helpful information and research that has been passed on to her and remind her group members that everyday there are new tools being developed. She reminds others that where you are right now is not going to be where you are in a year or five from now or even a week from now. This with chronic pain change minute to minute and never forget that each good and bad moment is just that, a moment in time. If this is a bad moment, work to make the next better staring with a positive attitude and belief that you can accomplish something. It might take more time than expected or wanted, but it is possible. It may not be an easy journey, but when you get to the other side, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment.

Kelly uses distraction techniques to help motivate others. She uses the Pitch Perfect movies to remind her that pain community leaders are her flashlight. Being able to get on online and talk to others who have painsomnia or severe pain flares, knowing that you are not alone, that the others can be your light and you there’s as each other needs a light can be so impactful. Just seven years ago Kelly didn’t think she would be where she is today. The bonding between patients who support one another is unlike any other support available. It is needed and it has helped Kelly achieve living even through the worst of times. Always remember, Hope is True.


Featurette: Kelly Brooks

Executive Producer: Kat McDowell

Producer: Barby Ingle

Producer: Ken Taylor

Camera A: Kylie Hazzard

Camera B: Jerome Bayliss

Sound: Rob Panico

PA: Jonas Gaida

MAU: Alma Cedillo

Music: Hope is True by iPain

Editing Services: Intellectric Media & KB Productions

Funding Provided by: International Pain Foundation

Dr. Melissa Geraghty Psy.D. has been diagnosed with a multitude of pain conditions including: ulnar neuropathy, spinal injury, fibromyalgia, cluster headache, daily chronic migraine, tension headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, IBS, pelvic floor dysfunction, rib dysfunction, neuropathy, TMJ, multiple bulging discs, adrenal gland dysfunction, opioid-induced hyperalgesia, allergies and insomnia. Even with all of these conditions bringing challenges to Melissa life she choose to put a smile on her face. As an adolescent she was in an auto accident and is when she first developed chronic pain. She then decided she wanted to become a clinical psychologist. She did just that. She now helps other patients with chronic pain which is her drive to keep going. Melissa inspires other by sharing her story of HOPE. Know, you can still life a valued life despite being in chronic pain. - Music Moves Awareness project

Song: Hope is True Instrumental by iPain

BTS Los Angeles Crew

Emileigh Barrett-Producer/Director

Jon-Luke Kvapil - Director of Photography

1st. A.D- Audrey Rose Joseph

Roman Prudkin-Gaffer

Alma Cedillo- Hair and Makeup Artist

Editor- Ellis Fowler

Editing Services: Intellectric Media & KB Productions

Funding Provided by: International Pain Foundation

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