Peter Lio, MD: Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Considerations in Children

A dermatologist gives a broad overview of key considerations when determining a treatment course for pediatric patients.

In a recent interview with HCPLive®, Peter Lio, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology & Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, spoke on the treatment landscape of atopic dermatitis, including the important considerations between adult and pediatric populations.

“The overall approach [to treatment] is very similar between children and adults,” said Lio. “We can approach it the same way and have the same general principles, but there are many specifics that really rise to the fore, especially in children.”

For example, he stressed the importance of evaluating safety in younger populations.

“Everything is multiplied,” he said. Adverse events of concern to adults should be especially monitored in children; further, clinicians should be particularly attuned to developmental issues.

Lio also stressed familial decision making and consent of all parties, as well as considerations of treatment tolerability.

And finally, children may be more inclined to refuse injectable treatments—such a dupilumab. Thus, as Lio noted, this warrants the need for more oral medications and increased therapeutic options and modalities.

As new and existing agents are becoming available to children, dermatologists must continue to evaluate and reevaluate their approaches to ensuring that patients of all age group receive the most effective, safe, and comfortable treatment options for them.

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