Long COVID Research and Breakthroughs with Julia Moore Vogel, PhD, MBA


In the latest Lungcast, a nationally-leading researcher and long COVID patient discusses what's known and unknown about the chronic viral syndrome.

Episode highlights

0:15 Introduction
1:27 Moore Vogel’s background in Long Covid
4:30 Lacking terminology in Long Covid
6:20 Quantifying Long Covid disease
8:38 The mechanism of action: what we know
10:27 Pediatric Long Covid
16:00 Similarities to post-viral syndromes
16:58 Key diagnostic tools
18:37 The current Long Covid treatment landscape
20:57 Influence of SARS-CoV-2 variants and vaccines
22:02 Considering social determinants of health
23:35 Needs for professional and public education
27:00 Final thoughts
28:28 Outro

As COVID-19 continues toward ia stage post-global health crisis status, health care is increasingly challenged by the long-term impact of the pandemic virus on patients. Long COVID, once case study fodder at the height of the global outbreak, is now understood to be a highly prevalent and uniquely burdensome disease in a portion of patients previously infected with SARS-CoV-2.

As cases increase significantly, clinicians and researchers are continuing to seek answers on its characteristics. What drives the disease? What are quantifiable symptoms? Who is at greatest risk?

A handful of investigators are making headway on these clinical pursuits. One such expert spoke with Lungcast for its July 2023 episode.

Julia Moore Vogel, PhD, MBA, program director of The Participant Center at Scripps’ All of Us Research Program, joins to discuss her professional ventures into Long COVID research—as well as her own personal experiences as a patient with the disease.

In her conversation with American Lung Association (ALA) chief medical officer Al Rizzo, MD, Moore Vogel reviews the status of a litany of topics surrounding Long COVID epidemiology and pathophysiology. Among the key subjects are a dive into its pediatric impacts, the pursuit of biomarkers and indicators of disease, and her own work into public awareness, education and adequate resourcing.

Lungcast is a monthly respiratory health podcast series from the ALA produced by HCPLive.

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