Look Out iPhone: Dell Has Entered the Smartphone Market


Dell debuts the Aero, an Android-based smartphone with loads of memory and the ability to run simultaneous apps.

Its official: Dell has entered the smart phone business with its release of the Aero, an ultra-light device that runs on a customized version of Android 1.5. It has several features that caused me to opt for an HTC phone several months ago, such as the ability to run simultaneous apps, Microsoft compatibility features, and a humongous amount of memory.

If all this sounds nice, there is a downside: it’s only available with AT&T service. Sound familiar, iPhone fans?

Speaking of the iPhone, I overheard a teacher comment at school that kids will buy just about any kind of app for their phones. I wondered how health-related apps are faring with this demographic, such as this one from Medtronic for diabetes. I watched the video and thought that it might be lacking the entertainment value that kids seem to need these days to stay engaged. I’ve seen numerous apps promoting a healthy lifestyle, and even communication apps to assist people who don’t speak. Is there a listing that pediatricians use to follow health-related apps and what they have to potentially offer? I haven’t found one online yet.

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