Lung Cancer Detection & Treatment with Dr. Carolyn Presley


A geriatric expert, Presley provides a poignant point-of-view on the need for a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, as well as advances in treatment that include targeted therapies.

Episode highlights

0:15 Intro
1:27 Introducing Carolyn J. Presley, MD
2:24 The changing role of medical oncologists in lung cancer care
5:44 Multidisciplinary lung cancer screening and diagnosis teams
8:11 Managing first encounters with referred patients
11:29 Introducing clinical trial opportunities to patients
14:51 Advances in small cell lung cancer therapy
18:06 The timeline of lung cancer therapy
19:38 How should primary care and pulmonary specialists approach?
22:00 Age-related treatment equity
24:26 The future of lung cancer therapy
25:52 Outro

Modern lung cancer care has evolved into a more multidisciplinary, screening-reliant field over the last decade, featuring emerging targeted drug classes and diagnostic capabilities.

But the field it has become today may not be for long—more advances are on the horizon.

In the latest episode of Lungcast, American Lung Association (ALA) chief medical officer Al Rizzo, MD, interviews Carolyn J. Presley, MD, assistant professor of medical oncology at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and The James Cancer Hospital.

In a conversation spanning every factor of lung cancer care from initial screening to the execution of pharmacotherapy, Presley and Rizzo review the care team members’ roles: medical oncologists, surgeons, pulmonologists and even primary care physicians.

Presley also discussed physician-patient communication as it relates to referral care, clinical trial recruitment opportunities, and ensuring care equity inclusion at it relates to sex, race and age.

Lungcast is a monthly respiratory health podcast series from the ALA produced by HCPLive.

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