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New Clinical Trial Tests Cannabidiol Gum to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

New trial tests efficacy of CanChew Plus cannabidiol gum to treat IBS.

Lead cannabinoid research and development enterprise Axim Biotechnologies has entered a clinical trial with their CanChew Plus cannabidiol (CBD) gum for treating patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

While IBS is the most prevalent functional gastrointestinal disorder affecting 9-15% of global population, there has been no existing cure — this trial is the first of its kind to attempt to treat IBS symptoms through chewing gum containing cannabinoids.

Though many researchers question the efficacy of cannabinoid-based treatments, this team hasn’t received any pushback. In fact the institutional review board of Wageningen “warmly embraced the study and have been cooperating on all fronts”.

According to the CanChew website, the features of the gum include:

· Available in all 50 states

· Great-tasting mint gum has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives

· No prescription needed

· Non-habit forming

· Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and kosher

The clinical studies will be conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands to test functional, controlled-release hemp oil CBD chewing gum and matching placebo gums. The patient group will include 40 people between 18-65 years who had been diagnosed with IBS based on ROME III criteria to assess the efficacy of CanChew Plus.

The team has set the amount of hemp oil CBD gum at 50mg CBD per serving. The trial protocol would allow patients to use up to six chewing gums daily to control their bloating, pain, stomach cramps, and other symptoms.

While the primary outcome is “perceived pain reduction,” the study will also record general relief and change in stool frequency.

According to Renger Witkamp, Professor and Chair in Nutrition and Pharmacology of Wageningen University, “Providing it via a chewing gum results in a sustained release of the compound and better bio-availability”.

George E. Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA, CEO of AXIM Biotech told MD Magazine in an email, “If the study (a randomized, double-blind, cross-over trial) proves that CanChew Plus improves the pain and discomfort in patients with IBS, there will be a significant impact not only to the population in the US, but worldwide. Up to 23% of the world’s population suffer IBS. Many are undiagnosed. The loss to the society due to exacerbation of the condition is sizeable.”