Next Big Thing in Rheumatology: The Patient Status App


(VIDEO) Watch for a new and better way to collaborate with your osteoarthritis patients. In this video, Dr. Patricia Franklin tells why the mobile phone will soon become part of that conversation.

There isn't an app for that yet -- something that allows osteoarthritis patients to monitor their physical status the way amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts routinely do already, using their mobile phones. But there should be and probably soon will be, says Patricia Franklin MD, who is a professor of orthopedics and physical rehabilitation at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. {C}

In this video, Dr. Franklin tells you what she told her audience at the 2012 American College of Rheumatology meeting: Here's why the time is now for doctors and mobile tech experts to collaborate in building such a device, and how it will change the way you practice rheumatology in the near future.


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