Novel Systemic and Topical Treatments for Plaque Psoriasis


In this episode of MEDcast, expert dermatologists discuss exciting advancements in systemic therapies such as JAK inhibitors, and the latest breakthroughs in topical treatments for plaque psoriasis.

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1:06 Therapeutic innovations in psoriasis

6:55 Challenges with individualizing treatment

7:51 Selective mechanism of deucravacitinib (TYK2 inhibitor)

11:25 Clinical outcomes of deucravacitinib in psoriasis

15:38 Positioning deucravacitinib in the treatment algorithm

17:58 Deucravacitinib vs apremilast

21:41 Novel non-steroidal topicals- tapinarof and roflumilast

26:06 Efficacy and safety of novel topicals

32:13 Benefits of topicals with cross indications

33:55 Remittive effect of tapinarof

37:08 Summary of novel treatments in psoriasis

39:45 Personalizing psoriasis treatment

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