OPIOIDIQ: Educational tools for proper opioid use


Brought to you by Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.: OpioidIQ offers downloadable tools to help you identify unintentional opioid misuse, enhance patient communication, and optimize treatment management.

OPIOIDIQ: educational tools for proper opioid use

Brought to you by Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.

OpioidIQ provides a variety of resources to help you educate your patients on proper opioid use by:

  • Identifying patients at risk Who is at Risk?: Find out which of your patients may be at risk for unintentional misuse
  • Enhancing patient communication Conversation Starter: Initiate a conversation with your patients to identify who may be misusing their medication
  • Empowering patients and caregivers to avoid unintentional misuse Patient FAQ Brochure: Help answer your patients’ frequently asked questions about opioids Caregiver Brochure: Provide important information about opioids that your patients’ caregivers need to know Administration Tracker: Encourages your patients to keep track of how they take their medication Take-back Flashcard: Provides tips for proper disposal of unused or expired medication

To download these tools or to learn more about misuse of opioids, visit OpioidIQ.com

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