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Overdose Rescue Device Recalled

A naloxone nasal spray device widely used in homes and by 911 providers was recalled due to a faulty part that turns the drug into a stream instead of a spray.

An older atomizer device that delivers naloxone hydrochloride nasally to reverse opiate overdose has been voluntarily recalled by Teleflex Medical, the device’s manufacturer.

The device is sold for home use as well as to 911 responders and other entities likely to encounter people who have overdosed on heroin or other opioids..

In a letter to pharmacies, health departments, providers and others, Teleflex Medical announced the recall and listed lot numbers of the faulty products.

The part of the device that is meant to atomize the drug has been malfunctioning and delivering a stream of naloxone, which is not as effective, the company said.

The company has notified the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the action.

A newer drug delivery device for Narcan was approved last year and is not affected by the recall.

The difference in the two devices can be seen in this video from a Vermont television station.

According to that news report, about 60% of the atomizers still on the shelves are Teleflex devices, not the safer newer ones. But not all lots of the older device are being recalled.

Teleflex is a global company with executive offices in Wayne, PA.