A Question About Healthcare Reform


Whether you are pro- or anti-reform, I want to know what you think of the bill. Does it do enough to help primar care, and if not, what more do we need to do to provide good care to all our nation's children?

In case you haven’t seen the notification, the FDA is recommending that pediatricians suspend the use of Rotarix as a precautionary measure until more is learned about the presence of PVC1 DNA in the vaccine.

Children who have already received a dose of Rotarix can complete the vaccination series with RotaTeq.

Well, we started out this week on somewhat of a roll, didn’t we? Healthcare reform (or the beginnings of it, anyway) finally became a reality.

The news was followed quickly by Republican-dominated state governments who planned to fight it, and naturally, one of the additional states considering a lawsuit is my home state of Georgia.

This on the heels of CNN coverage demonstrating just how serious Georgia lawmakers — and insurance companies, really – are about taking care of childrens' healthcare needs. It’s appalling.

While the AAP is, in general, pleased with the progress the bill represents, I’m interested in your views.

Do you think reform does enough to help primary care, and if not, what more do we need to do to provide good medical care to all of our nation’s children?

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