Prepare for A New Paradigm in Osteoarthritis Management


Are there better ways to manage osteoarthritis? Stop seeing it as isolated acute episodes, says the head of the US Bone and Joint Initiative, and she tells how.

(AUDIO) A new effort by the United States Bone and Joint Initiative will take a close look at how primary care doctors and other clinicians currently collaborate (or not) to treat osteoarthritis patients, with a view toward recommending necessary changes. Here Dr. Kim Templeton, president of the Initiative and professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center looks toward a change in the paradigm.

The questions:

What does it mean to change the paradigm of osteoarthritis treatment?
What’s prompting this proposed change?
Specifically what might this mean for the management of osteoarthritis in primary care?

Prepare for a New Paradigm in Osteoarthritis Management

Chronic Osteoarthritis Management InitiativeUnited States Bone and Joint Initiative  (scroll down to page 5)

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