Rethinking Psychiatry With Dr. Steve Levine: Episode 2


Dave Bellevue of The Oxymorrons joins Steve to talk about his journey to mental health advocacy.

One does not need to matriculate through medical school to become an expert in mental health.

Sometimes lived experiences can make someone an expert in mental health and really able to reflect on how to best promote mental health practices for themselves and others.

That is the case for Dave Bellevue, a vocalist for the band The Oxymorrons.

Dave has become a mental health advocate for many following the unfortunate suicide of a close friend. And since then Dave has sat and listened to experts on mental health and psychiatry and contemplated his own mental health.

And he has wanted to destigmatized asking for help among his friends and other people he may come across.

The days where you hide your true feelings and refuse to talk through your own mental health problems are over, at least for Dave.

In this episode of Rethinking Psychiatry with Dr. Steve Levine, Bellevue shares his experiences and thoughts on the journey to help his own mental health and advocate for others with Dr. Levine.

The 2 shared an incredible candid and open conversation about how to talk about some of these issues and why things are changing in regard to mental health stigma, even among a notoriously tough group to reach—musicians.

Dave, who is also the Founder of Swag for Stigma, a mental health resource for Black, Indigenous, and people of color, explains his life, interests, and what he is doing to help others in episode 2 of Rethinking Psychiatry with Dr. Steve Levine.

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