Rheumatology Journal Club #2: Rituximab for AAV Relapse


In its second Twitter-based discussion, the online rheumatology journal club RheumJC pondered a study that shows rituximab effective for relapse in ANCA-associated vasculitis. The 387 "tweets" are reduced here to 11 easy-to-read slides.

In its second Twitter-based discussion, the new online rheumatology journal club, RheumJC (hashtag #rheumjc2) considered a followup to the landmark RAVE study that showed rituximab (RTX) noninferior to cyclophosphamide (CYC) for ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV).What happens when patients relapse? The small extension study featured in this discussion found rituximab again effective, regardless of the initial treatment. Should the information in this 26-patient followup inspire a change of practice?Round 2 of RheumJC took place in two sessions (3 PM and 9 PM EST) on March 3. Here, in 11 slides, you see the high points of the discussion compiled and organized for easy reading, with citations (and hyperlinks) in the slide captions.The 46 participants at this second round included rheumatologists from severalSee also:Rheumatology Journal Club Debut: The Twitter Conversation Condensed.states,16 nations outside the US, and-a promising precedent-the lead author of the study itself (as well as one enterprising high school student).Immediate access to participants worldwide has led to Twitter "being used in innovative ways in medicine never imagined by the original developers," wrote one of RheumJC's founders, Minnesota-based rheumatologist Paul Sufka MD, in a blog published shortly after this second #RheumJC discussion.He named 3 advantages to holding a journal club on Twitter:  increased number of participants, broader range of knowledge and experiences, and ability to interact directly with authors of the study in question.  

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