RheumJC4 Part 1: Tapering Biologics--Discussion of a Study


Slides present key points from a Twitter-based journal club, pondering a randomized study of tapering TNF inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis. Many questions about the study design. More ask about practices already in use (addressed in Part 2).

The latest edition of #rheumjc, the Twitter-based rheumatology journal club, focused on a randomized trial of tapering tumor-necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors for patients with rheumatoid arthritis in remission. Here you can follow the discussion presented as a series of slides.The presentation comes in two parts, because the discussion was unusually lively. Part 1 centers on the conversation about the study itself, and Part 2 on the frequent and lengthy digressions into actual clinical experience with tapering. Adding considerably to the value of the exchange were the three participants from outside the United States, all of whom said they have tapered biologics often, and generally favor doing so. Their US-based peers had many questions.As to the trial itself, participants also had concerns.The study citation is hyperlinked in the captions to the slides.

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