Sounding Out Arthritis #4: Gout and Pseudogout


(VIDEO) The fourth "Sounding Out Arthritis" video demonstrates how to use ultrasound to distinguish gout from pseudogout, with a demonstration of probe placement and narrated ultrasound images and videos.

The fourth in our Sounding Out Arthritis series on ultrasound in rheumatology focuses on another cause of joint pain: two crystal disorders. Ultrasound is especially useful for making the important distinction between gout and pseudogout.

First, Dr. DeMarco demonstrates placement of the probe on the knee, a most common site for both disorders. This is followed by a narrated series of numerous actual ultrasound slides and videos showing pseudogout in several joints as well as classic images of gout.

Watch as the narration describes both the urate "icing" characteristic of gout and the amorphous, chunky images that signal pseudogout.

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