The Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team


A dual-guest interview on the current leading research into advanced lung cancer screening and detection.

With November marking Lung Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a vital time to reflect on the clinical standing of the deadliest form of cancer in the US.

While advances in cancer therapy serve as a benchmark for many other fields facing challenging, progressive diseases, it’s in early detection where investigators and experts from the American Lung Association (ALA) show great strides.

The Lung Cancer Interception research team, a conglomeration of investigators from the ALA, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and LUNGevity, has dedicated years of research toward the goal of lung cancer interception—the concept of recognizing signs, risks, and symptoms of early lung cancer and carcinogenesis in a fashion that initiates care at more opportune timing.

The formalization and adoption of lung cancer interception strategies could help clinicians reach an era when they move from mostly treating cancer, to actually preventing it.

This month’s episode Lungcast features a pair of collaborative experts from the interception research team: Avrum Spira, MD, MSc, and Steven Dubinett, MD.

Spira, a Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Bioinformatics, and the Alexander Graham Bell Professor in Health Care Entrepreneurship at Boston University, has built a translational research program that focuses on genomic alterations associated with smoking-related lung disease, leading to a molecular test for the early detection of lung cancer that has successfully translated into the clinic.

Dubinett, director of the UCLA Clinical & Translational Science Institute, and Associate Vice Chancellor and Senior Associate Dean for Translational Research, has developed a translational research program which utilizes these laboratory-based discoveries in the translational and clinical environment.

In the first-ever dual interview episode of our monthly podcast series, Spira and Dubinett joined ALA Chief Medical Officer Albert Rizzo, MD, for a discussion on current lung cancer interception research, trends, clinical application, and future goals.

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