The Educated Patient: Addiction

Direct your patients who are dealing with addiction or substance abuse to these three reliable, up-to-date resources.

Dealing with Addiction

Written for teens, this physician-reviewed site from the Nemours Foundation answers the question “What are substance abuse and addiction?” and addresses signs of addiction, obtaining help for those who think they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, and staying clean. Site visitors can also find contact information for a number of resources that provide help and test their knowledge about drugs and alcohol by completing the Substance Abuse Quiz; explanations for corrects answers are provided, with links to further information.

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Drug Rehab Referral

This website is intended for the families, friends, and other loved ones of individuals suffering from some form of drug addiction: the specific addictions covered here include heroin, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, “club drugs,” and prescription drugs. Visitors can access information about each type of addiction, including the physical effects of the drug and what to expect during withdrawal. Those concerned with a loved one’s addiction can also fill out a confidential online information form to receive a referral to a rehabilitation program in their area.

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Sexual Addiction

Beyond providing the basics on sexual addiction (types, consequences, and recovery), this site from The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health provides patients with contact information for specialist professionals and treatment facilities, as well as for groups and meetings designed for the addict, partners and family members, and sexual abuse survivors. Of most use to site visitors are a collection of four sex addiction checklists covering cyber sex, gay men, heterosexual males, and women.

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