Tweet Chat on Burnout Scheduled for February 24


As symptoms reportedly reach the majority of the US physician population, it's time to discuss individual strategy to reduce the risk and effect of burnout.

The rate of burnout—dependent on survey size and definitions of actual burnout—is projected to affect anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of US physicians today.

And those rates seem to be climbing. How can an individual impact the numbers of burnout?

On Monday, Alicia M. Kowalski, MD (@aliciakowalski7), Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, joins the HCPLive® and SoMeDocs teams to lead a discussion on physician burnout.

The chat begins Monday, February 24, at 7 PM EST, under the #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs hashtags. Here are the questions:

  • How do your burnout symptoms manifest, if any? Have they changed over time?
  • What factors do you believe are most contributory in driving your burnout?
  • How have healthcare silos affected the prevalence and severity of burnout?
  • In what ways has real-life action to address healthcare burnout not caught up to research and rhetoric into the issue?
  • What are some steps a physician can take to reduce burnout without stepping away from practice?
  • What online resources or outlets have best helped you deal with burnout, and how?
  • What interventions have you found to be most beneficial? Individual level? Organizational level?

Anyone interested in joining the chat should follow @MDMagazine and @SoMeDocs, check the hashtags, and look out for this banner indicating the chat’s start on Twitter:

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Every Monday evening over the next month, doctors, care providers, students, experts, and advocates can participate in the joint #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs chat: a discussion on the biggest trends, news, ideas, and issues in healthcare today, hosted by a network of physician thought leaders.

SoMeDocs is an online platform that provides physicians a space to network, collaborate, and grow their own brands. Physicians with interest in becoming thought leaders, growing their practice, connecting with a target audience, and advancing their careers through online growth and networking can learn more here.

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