Tweet Chat on Healthcare System Improvement Scheduled for February 17


What do you see as the broken cogs of the US healthcare system? Join our Monday night chat to share your thoughts!

A privately-insured person living in rural Kansas, a physician once told HCPLive®, probably pays twice as much for an MRI than a person living in Geneva, Switzerland—one of the most expensive cities in the world.

There are numbers and examples both far greater in scale that can emphasize the point that there are very legitimate issues surrounding the costs, processing, and delivery of healthcare in the United States. Expected mean lifespan is decreasing, while care expenses and physician burnout rates are rising.

Many cogs in the US healthcare machine are broken. Which ones do you see?

On Monday, Andrew Tisser, DO (@Talk2MeDoc), an emergency physician, Urgent Care director, and host of the Talk2MeDoc Podcast, joins the HCPLive® and SoMeDocs teams to lead a discussion on "Systemic Improvement to Healthcare.”

The chat begins Monday, February 17, at 6:30 PM EST, under the #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs hashtags. Here are the questions:

  • What is the greatest source of pain in your practice?
  • How has third-party or payer presence affected your relationship with patients?
  • How has it affected your workflow? How much of your day-to-day do you believe to be beneficial to patients?
  • What are your workarounds to care costs and limitations?
  • What solutions are feasible for physician issues with EMRs?
  • What is your advice for caregivers navigating the yellow tape of the healthcare system?

Anyone interested in joining the chat should follow @MDMagazine and @SoMeDocs, check the hashtags, and look out for this banner indicating the chat’s start on Twitter:

doctalk, somedocs

Every Monday evening over the next month, doctors, care providers, students, experts, and advocates can participate in the joint #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs chat: a discussion on the biggest trends, news, ideas, and issues in healthcare today, hosted by a network of physician thought leaders.

SoMeDocs is an online platform that provides physicians a space to network, collaborate, and grow their own brands. Physicians with interest in becoming thought leaders, growing their practice, connecting with a target audience, and advancing their careers through online growth and networking can learn more here.

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