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Tweet Chat on Healthcare Teams Scheduled for February 3

A family physician takes lead on a discussion around the changing makeup of care teams.

The modern healthcare team has been changing—and still is, really. Physician shortage and embrace of non-MD clinical education has restructured the makeup of the average care team in the US, and a variety of factors from medical school costs to payer intervention have played a role.

What are the positives of these changes? Where are improvements needed? And who’s on your team? Let’s find out.

On Monday, Jill Grimes, MD (@JillGrimesMD), a Fellow with the American Academy of Family Physicians, joins the HCPLive® and SoMeDocs teams to lead a discussion on “The Healthcare Collaboration.”

The chat begins Monday, February 3, at 6 PM EST, under the #DocTalk and #SoMeDoc hashtags. Here are the questions:

  1. What does your care team look like? What is it comprised of?
  2. What are the pros and cons of private practice, multi-specialty groups, or academics?
  3. How has your specialty adapted to physician shortages? What does it still need?
  4. Name a team member you greatly depend on—what is it about their background that benefits your team?
  5. How do you imagine the modern healthcare team will look in 10 years? 20?
  6. What is your advice to an aspiring caregiver, when considering education, a specialty, and a career?
  7. Bonus: Make up a position for your team that would greatly benefit it. What is the title? Who could do it?

Anyone interested in joining the chat should follow @SoMeDocs and @MDMagazine, check the hashtags, and look out for this banner indicating the chat’s start on Twitter:

Every Monday evening over the next few months, doctors, care providers, students, experts, and advocates can participate in the joint #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs chat: a discussion on the biggest trends, news, ideas, and issues in healthcare today, hosted by a network of physician thought leaders.

SoMeDocs is an online platform that provides physicians a space to network, collaborate, and grow their own brands. Physicians with interest in becoming thought leaders, growing their practice, connecting with a target audience, and advancing their careers through online growth and networking can learn more here.