Very Little Very Sad People

ShrinkRap's ClinkShrink provides a heads up that The New York Times Magazine will feature an article on preschooler depression this weekend.

The following was originally posted to ShrinkRap.

I thought I'd give you a heads up that The New York Times Magazine will be featuring an article on Preschooler Depression this weekend. I am working on my ability to see into the future, and it's going well.

Pamela Paul will write:

Diagnosis of any mental disorder at this young age is subject to debate. No one wants to pathologize a typical preschooler’s tantrums, mood swings and torrent of developmental stages. Grandparents are highly suspicious; parents often don’t want to know. “How many times have you heard, ‘They’ll grow out of it’ or ‘That’s just how he is’?” says Melissa Nishawala, a child psychiatrist at the New York University Child Study Center.

And some in the field have reservations, too. Classifying preschool depression as a medical disorder carries a risk of disease-mongering. “Given the influence of Big Pharma, we have to be sure that every time a child’s ice cream falls off the cone and he cries, we don’t label him depressed,” cautions Rahil Briggs, an infant-toddler psychologist at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York.

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