What Do You Know about Psychiatry?


Whta questions do people in the "real world" have about psychiatry?

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When you work in any setting, your view of it becomes distorted. Your vision becomes tunneled, and the world looks small. My husband came home one day upset because a client had burst into tears while they were talking. "Why does that bother you?" I asked. Apparently it's not something that happens a few times a day for him. And when I was a medical student on an oncology ward, one of the doctors came in for rounds late---on her way to work she'd seen a young man get knocked off his bicycle by a automobile. She'd stopped to help, and her first question to the young man was, "Are you a smoker?" She quickly realized that it was not a particularly relevant question in that setting.

So do people in the real world have questions about psychiatry? What are they? What a time to ask: just as our book goes for it's final draft. I should have asked before-- What do you want to know? Maybe we're wrong about what we thought people want to know. Maybe we need to write a second book.

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