Seemal Desai, MD, FAAD: What's New in Skin of Color?


In the inaugural episode of Derm Discussions, Seemal Desai, MD, joins Brad Glick, DO, for an update on dermatologic burdens in people of color.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, non-Hispanic whites will no longer make up the majority of the United States population by the year 2045. As such, it becomes all the more important for physicians to work to ensure that all patients—regardless of skin or race—receive the most optimal care.

There has been an increasing awareness of the burdens and challenges that people-of-color face when it comes to experiences with healthcare. These burdens may derive from social, systemic issues or actual physical complications.

Within the field of dermatology, these challenges are especially poignant in issues related to skin pigmentation disorders and inflammation. These conditions can have a profound impact on mental health, patient self-esteem, and social relationships. In addition to these concerns, some of these conditions are simply incurable.

In this first episode of Derm Discussions, host Brad Glick, DO, FAAD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, spoke with board-certified dermatologist Seemal Desai, MD, FAAD, about the various dermatologic burdens faced by people-of-color.

Their conversation covered an array of pigmentation and inflammatory disorders, including vitiligo, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, seborrheic dermatitis, and melasma.

A world-renowned spokesperson in the area of skin of color, Dr. Desai discussed the challenges of treatment and management within people-of-color populations as well as strategies to overcome them. He also provided insight into his best practices working with people-of-color and touched on the future of care for some of these skin conditions.

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