Who is Best Qualified to Care for Pediatric Rheumatology Patients?


It is not uncommon for rheumatologists to treat pediatric patients, but a new survey finds the care children receive from adult vs pediatric rheumatology providers differs. In this slideshow, highlight the takeaways.

A survey of rheumatologists shows that nearly one-quarter treat pediatric patients. For physicians in some cities, this is unavoidable due to a shortage of pediatric rheumatologists. How and if the care pediatric patients receive from adult providers as compared to pediatric rheumatologists is the focus of a Duke University Medical Center survey conducted by Heather Van Mater, MPH. The survey included 306 adult rheumatologists and 138 pediatric rheumatologists. The survey results were published online May 2 in Arthritis Care and Research. In this slideshow, we highlight key findings from the survey. 


Heather Van Mater, Stephen J. Balevic, Gary L. Freed, Sarah J. Clark. "Differences between Pediatric and Adult Rheumatologists,"

Arthritis Care and Research

. Accepted: Apr 25, 2017. DOI: 10.1002/acr.23273 

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