Author | Dr. Jan Gurley


Healthcare Consummated...

March 23, 2010


We met cute. Classic Hollywood. America caught a glimpse of healthcare reform about a year ago--but only in passing, a little flirtatious hair-toss. Couldn't really see anything, veiled and shadowy, but God did she look great.

Our Haiti Journey: Extreme Needs for Women in Haiti

February 11, 2010


Haiti trip, 5 days and counting. The overriding question, for me, has become, just how bad is it?

Haiti Journey Improv

February 04, 2010


10 days and counting to Haiti. My mind is whizzing and my days are packed with to-do lists that overflow into the next day. I keep trying to project myself into that moment when I return, and stare at my desk and try to figure out where I was and what I was doing before I left. It seems impossible to emotionally transport myself from these moments now, to there, and, then back.