Author | Ed Rabinowitz


Do You Know If Your Practice's Website is ADA Compliant?

November 30, 2017


Is your practice website compliant with guidelines set down by the Americans with Disabilities Act? Depending on the website content, it may or may not have to be. But even if you have no legal obligation, don’t you want to be known as a good business partner in your community?

Finding, and Retaining the Best Front Office Staff

November 22, 2017


Front office staff are the face of a practice. Patients form perceptions about the quality of a doctor’s work based on interactions with staff at the front desk. As such, the people you hire as front office staff might just be the most important staff members in the practice.

Build On Solid Foundations with Documentation and Consistency

October 16, 2017


Excellent recordkeeping and policy handbooks are the heart of any practice. Too often, thorny situations arise without proper documentation, but potential lawsuits can be avoided with the aforementioned elements in place — maybe it’s time to have a conversation with a human resource professional or labor employment attorney.

Moving to a Value Based Reimbursement Model

January 27, 2017


“The industry will feel the reimbursement pain of not being prepared for the rapid rise of outcomes-based measures and the need for real-time clinical, administrative, financial and health device data to support these models,” says David Nace, MD.