Author | Elizabeth Freid Vocke


Are Your Patients in Clinical Trials? US Oncology Surveys Oncologists

May 18, 2010

Participation in clinical trial research is essential to continued improvement in cancer care. Yet, fewer than 10% of U.S. adults enroll in trials. A recent US Oncology�sponsored survey found that most oncologists remain optimistic about the future of clinical trial research. We discuss obstacles to clinical trial enrollment with Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, and Matthew Galsky, MD, of the Comprehensive CancerCenters of Nevada.

US Oncology Measures the Pulse of Oncologists in Survey on Clinical Trial Participation

February 16, 2010

While clinical studies and personalized medicine are clearly the future of cancer treatment, barriers to patient participation come from several directions, including patients, physicians, and the insurance industry. A US Oncology–sponsored survey of oncologists and clinical research professionals found them to be highly optimistic about the future of clinical trials in advancing personalized medicine, despite concerns about the various hurdles. The national survey of 299 oncology and clinical research professionals determined that 58% of respondents were optimistic about trials, while only 25% were ambivalent or unsure.