Author | Eric Wertzer


UK Study: Nearly Half Asthma Deaths Preventable

September 23, 2016

Nearly half of asthma deaths in the United Kingdom could likely have been prevented, researchers there found.

Industrial Accident Yields Lung Damage Data

July 12, 2016

No one would subject people to chlorine gas exposure on purpose, but an industrial accident that did so yielded useful data on how much gas people can take without getting harmed.

Wheeze Is a Word to Avoid, Study Finds

July 05, 2016

Clinicians often hear parents of asthmatic children tell them their child is wheezing. But parents' definition of wheezing usually is different from that of physicians.

Progress Stalls in Smoking Bans

June 28, 2016

In the ten years since the US Surgeon General's ground-breaking report on the dangers of secondhand smoke, there has been much progress--and pockets of fierce resistance to smoking bans.