Author | Felasfa Wodajo, MD


The Future of Medicine is … Here: TEDMED 2012

April 19, 2012


The final day of the TEDMED 2012 conference: tracing all the heartbeats in the world, using math to cure cancer and restructuring academic context.

An App That Can Cut Your Malpractice Insurance Premium

March 18, 2011


An innovative new malpractice insurer intends to change the rules of the game: Instead of waiting for malpractice claim to come in, it plans to use iPads to assess patient satisfaction and head off claims before they are filed.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Releases iPhone App for Patients

July 08, 2010


The app is "aimed squarely at patients," according to iMedical Apps editors, enabling them to learn about the medical center and affiliated doctors.

The iPad Makes the Rounds: Part 2 - Portability, Security and Infection Control on the Hospital Wards

July 01, 2010


A physician reviewer continues using the iPad as his primary interface during a hospitalist rotation and reports on the effectiveness of the technology.