Author | Steven P. Levine, MD


Looking Back: A Lesson from the Loss of Robin Williams

January 07, 2015


A reflection on the fallout from the untimely passing of a beloved celebrity, and what our reactions tell us about how we view depression and suicide.

The Downside of More Effective, Fast-acting Antidepressants

July 31, 2014


Even a "magic bullet" leaves a wound that requires a period of recovery.

When Risk-taking in Psychiatry Is Tested

July 02, 2014


In this particular age of the Internet and social media, losing a lawsuit is not the only thing that can damage a physician's career.

Growing Awareness for Ketamine Treatment in Depression and Anxiety

May 06, 2014


When I first considered intravenous ketamine to treat severely treatment-resistant depression 4 years ago, I was in a scary, lonely place where I received a lot of skeptical questions and funny looks accompanying chirping crickets.