Isotretinoin Improves Quality of Life for Patients With Acne

July 08, 2020


Patients with acne who receive isotretinoin treatment can expect a four- to five-fold improvement from baseline to follow-up in quality of life.

Julie Harper, MD: How Our Dermatology Practice is Using Telemedicine

June 12, 2020


A dermatologist and clinical associate professor of dermatology discusses implementing telehealth in dermatology practices.

FDA Approves New Treatment for Acne Vulgaris

December 19, 2019


The new topical lotion is aimed at treating patients at least 9 years old with acne vulgaris.

FDA Approves New Topical Cream to Treat Acne

October 05, 2019


AKLIEF Cream, a topical cream to treat acne on the face and trunk, is expected to be available in the US in November.

Fetal Isotretinoin Exposure Remains Steady, Despite iPLEDGE

July 17, 2019


After a decade-plus, the risk management reduction program is not associated with a direct drop in at-risk pregnancies.

Simon Murray, MD: AAD Recommendations for Acne Treatment

March 09, 2019


Recommendations for acne treatment drawn from AAD position paper and presentations.

James Q. Del Rosso, DO: Unlocking Isotretinoin's Benefits

March 08, 2019


The nodular acne therapy has been a staple treatment for 3 decades, yet new AAD data showed it could still be better utilized in patients.

Lidose-Isotretinoin Sustains Long-Term Acne Benefit Without Food Intake

March 05, 2019


A new, long-term assessment of phase 4 data shows a twice-daily regimen of the common acne therapy can retain patient benefits weeks after treatment ends.

Hemali Gunt, PhD: Adjunctive Skin Care for Rosacea

March 02, 2019


Compared to standard cleansers and moisturizers, natural versions for sensitive skin provided benefits to patients with rosacea who were also taking prescription treatments.

Simon Murray, MD: AAD 2019 Sessions to Attend

March 02, 2019


An internist’s perspective on which sessions to attend, from melanoma to inflammatory diseases to cosmetic procedures.